📈Doge Price Surges 25%! — Last Week in Crypto

Crypto Prices

Bitcoin price is $45,526.19 CAD as of June 02, 2021. It is up 4.14% in the last 24 hours.
Check the live price of Bitcoin here.
Ether price is $3,287.60 CAD as of June 02, 2021. It is up 5.58% in the last 24 hours.
Check the live price of Ethereum here
DOGE price is $0.5098 CAD as of June 02, 2021. It spikes 24.70% in the last 24 hours.
Check the live price of Dogecoin here

Crypto News

  • @CryptoBriefingArbitrum Launch: Layer 2 Ethereum Unpacked. One of the key scaling solutions for Ethereum, Arbitrum, has successfully launched for developers. This solution aims to reduce congestion on Ethereum, lower gas fee and make DeFi accessible for every user. 

VirgoCX Learn

  • Bitcoin Mining: Understanding the Process of Cryptocurrency Mining — How are bitcoins created? How does the process consume energy? We talk about the problems and opportunities of bitcoin mining in our newest blog post! We also go back to the basics to really understand what it is. Read it here.
  • The Mysterious Figure Behind Bitcoin: Satoshi Nakamoto —  What would the world be like without cryptocurrency? Thanks to Satoshi Nakamoto, we may never know. But we also may never know his identity. This leads us to ask: Who is Satoshi Nakamoto? 🤔 Let’s unravel the mystery together. Read here.

VirgoCX Updates

  • 🍩National Donut Day is coming! Join our Meme Contest to win a Timmy’s Gift Card for donuts! See details here.

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