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Everything You Need to Know Before Buying Ethereum in Canada

With Ethereum reaching an all-time high last week and DeFi (decentralized finance) becoming a multi-billion dollar sector, Ethereum has recently received a lot of attention. Let’s take a closer look and familiarize ourselves with one of the most exciting projects in the decentralized space and learn how to buy Ethereum in Canada.

What Are The Laws Governing Bitcoin Tax In Canada?

With the income tax season upon us, cryptocurrency holders are scrambling to determine how much they will be taxed on their crypto gains. As per the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), Canadian taxpayers are liable for paying taxes on their crypto (such as bitcoin) as either capital gains or income tax, depending on whether their activity is personal or business.

VirgoCX Proof of Reserves and Security Report

VirgoCX engaged Huayan CPA Professional Corporation to perform a “Proof of Reserve” (PoR) audit. The report looked at all aspects of our business including Ledger Vault, security practices and asset-liability ratio to ensure VirgoCX was operating as transparently and compliantly as possible.

A Beginner’s Guide to Buying Bitcoin in Canada

Though concepts like blockchain technology or bitcoin sound baffling, buying bitcoin in Canada is easier than you think. If you’re new to this world and want to buy bitcoin and learn more about it. You’re in the right place! So keep reading, and let’s turn you from a nocoiner to a bitcoiner!

How to Buy Bitcoin Through Over-The-Counter (OTC) Trading Desks in Canada

Crypto OTC works similarly to the traditional financial OTC markets. OTC refers to Over-The-Counter, and it means you directly negotiate and trade with brokers rather than trading on an exchange or other purely digital trading platforms. It is popular among individuals and institutions who wish to settle large orders quickly.

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