🤗 We Heard You, Our Most Requested Coin Is Here! — Last Week in Crypto

VirgoCX Updates

  • Did you hear? We listed our most highly requested coin! You can now trade SHIB with VirgoCX, the first Canadian crypto trading platform to list Shiba Inu! ☝ We also added another coin: Axie Infinity Shards (AXS)!
  • We launched the VirgoCX NFT Brokerage over a week ago! 💎 Explore everything we have to offer on our website!
  • We also officially launched OTC Direct yesterday! Now seamlessly fill large block trades 24/7 with no trade-offs: you still get same-day settlements and competitive prices through our liquidity pools! Get started here.

Crypto Prices

All prices are as of 3:50 PM (EST) on October 6, 2021. Check the live price of Bitcoin and other coins here.

Crypto News

  • @AlJazeera Confusion reigns after China slams door on crypto. China has banned all cryptocurrency trading and mining activities after authorities closed regulatory loopholes. All virtual currency-related business activities, including dealing with overseas crypto exchanges, are now illegal. 

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