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  • CALLING ALL FUN LOVERS! 🤩 Canada’s Wonderland is reopening so we’re giving away 1 Gold Pass, 1 Season Pass and 1 Daily Ticket! See details here.

Crypto Prices

Bitcoin price is $47,368.89 CAD as of June 16, 2021. It is down 3.78% in the last 24 hours.
Check the live price of Bitcoin here.
Ether price is $2,942.40 CAD as of June 16, 2021. It is down 5.48% in the last 24 hours.
Check the live price of Ethereum here

Crypto News

  • @TheGlobeandMailIn a world first, El Salvador makes bitcoin legal tender. El Salvador has become the first country to adopt bitcoin as legal tender. With 62 out of 84 possible votes, lawmakers voted in favour of creating a law to adopt bitcoin. President Nayib Bukele also stated that El Salvador would offer citizenship to those who prove they invested in at least three bitcoins.
  • @RobbReportThe Daymak Spiritus Is the World’s First EV That Mines Cryptocurrency. Canadian outfit Daymak has announced that it’s building the world’s first automobile that can mine cryptocurrency. This light electric vehicle (LEV) three-wheeler named the Spiritus can make you money while it’s charging. To do so, it will be equipped with mining hardware and blockchain technology. 
  • @CoindeskJack Dorsey Suggests Twitter Likely to Integrate Lightning Network. Twitter founder and long-time bitcoin advocate Jack Dorsey hinted that the micromessaging system will integrate Bitcoin layer 2 payments Lightning Network. Recently, Dorsey also announced on Twitter that his other company, Square, is looking into making a hardware wallet.
  • @CointelegraphGoldman Sachs’ crypto trading desk expands to Ether. Formerly critical of cryptocurrencies, Goldman Sachs is now preparing to offer Ether in the coming months. The Wall Street investment bank will be expanding into Ether options and futures. In early May, Goldman launched a limited Bitcoin (BTC) derivatives trading desk.

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  • Ethereum Mining – A Breakdown of the Process — We talked about bitcoin mining last month so it’s only right to talk about Ethereum mining next! How do you mine ETH and what do you get from it? Read it here.
  • Bitcoin Cash vs Bitcoin: Which One Should You Choose? — We have a new blog that helps you decide which to choose with a concise breakdown of both! Interested in BCH? We tell you where you can spend, buy, and sell Bitcoin Cash! Check it out here.

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